Shun the Raven is a band whose roots in progressive rock and metal are matched only by their deep roots to their central North Carolina home.  

STR embodies a unique balance of power and nuance, evoking the most driving, muscular traditions of heavy metal combined with an equally impressive ability to smoothly shift gears to deliver passages of heart-wrenching grace and subtlety.  Powerful, versatile and original, STR takes its audience on a journey in every song.  

Lead vocalist Aaron Monk’s vocals never fail to impress, as intimate whispers rise to stunning, soaring wails that can crescendo into roars of sheer ferocity, suddenly but always with a deft touch.  The band’s DNA is forged from guitar strings, with Monk and Cody Pike packing a mighty punch on the guitar, while the heart of the band is in its rhythm section, with bassist Jairus Combs and drummer Chad Hough delivering an energy that automatically raises pulses and drives the STR sound like a thundering locomotive barreling down the tracks. 

Founded in 2015, the members of STR share special, lifetime bonds of friendship forged over decades. That closeness and fraternity shines through in the band’s music, and especially on stage.  Their tight compositions and ability to shift emotional tone on a dime comes from that bond, as does the undeniably welcoming and celebratory vibe of every STR show.  

Shun the Raven has built an ever-growing legion of fans since its inception, and is consistently and reliably producing new music to the delight of their fan base.  They have been fortunate enough to share the stage with such National Acts as Tremonti, COLD, Warrant, Smile Empty Soul, and Powerman 5000.  Likewise, STR has become a staple of the metal and heavy rock festival circuit, delivering knockout performances at the 2019 Blue Ridge Rock Festival alongside names like Drowning Pool, P.O.D., Everlast, Saving Abel, Tantric, Sick Puppies and Scott Stapp consistently earning accolades and more devoted fans along the way.  STR looks forward to returning to the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in 2021 where they will be performing on the Rising Artist Main Stage.  Also later in August, they were honored to earn the title of the 2019 Rock Band of the Year at the Carolina Music Awards. 

Never predictable but always sure to bring the goods (and the fans), Shun the Raven is a band on the rise. 

STR is:

Aaron Monk - vocals / guitar

Jairus Combs - bass

Cody Pike - guitar

Chad Hough - drums